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November 27, 2015, 7:35:42 am, America/Chicago

How Satellite Internet Dealers Works

How Satellite Internet Dealers Works

Describing Technology Relating To Satellite Internet Service

It is reported that the only thing which is invariable in this world is change. It takes place everywhere and in all kinds of forms. Nothing in the world is ever static. Nature is constantly changing landscape, though it takes us some time to realize such changes. Changes occur in human lives as well. This notion applies a great deal to technology. Actually, we can take it for granted that technology is arguably one of the few things which changes most quickly. Therefore, many things which were applicable previously, might not be applicable now. Our ways of living, especially the communication methods and the way data is accessed through different media, have been effected by these changes in technology. The internet has also been affected, as thanks to such advances we now have the rapid satellite internet service.

Playing an important role in the communication systems, the internet has evolved a lot since its start in the 1960's. We might have used the dial up connection before. This was the earliest commercial internet service available and it was much slower than today's speed.

At that time, we considered the dial-up connection to run at quite a fast speed. However, compared with all of its successors, it has been left behind. With the development of several technologies, the medium through which data passes evolved from dial-up connections to broadband connections, cable connections and satellite connections eventually.

This type of connection provides high speed service to users worldwide by using the LEO satellite. The data speed is higher. However, the signals cannot reach each corner of the earth because of the position of the satellite.

The speed averages from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps, which is almost 4000 times as quick as the speed of dial-up connection. The download speed can go up to as high as 10Mbps. We are experiencing these speeds which were considered as impossible before at first hand. And the change of the fast speed just proves the evolution of technology.

These fast services are now used everywhere including homes, businesses, commercial places, military services, broadcasting services. The list of such applications is certainly not exhaustive. Because of the high speeds, it is now possible to download large files and even movies within minutes. Traditionally, it took people hours to do that. This is the reason why telecommunication providers are trying to increase the usage of this form of connection.

However, the latency, which is defined as the time difference between data requesting and a response receiving, is the main disadvantage of this type of connection. It mainly happens because of the long distance that the signals have to travel to a satellite and then return to earth.

On the whole, the speed by which we access data online has improved by these innovative connections, and our communication ways have been affected significantly. Though this satellite internet service is still relatively immature, it will be improved eventually, we can assume that it will become the main internet connection to be used worldwide.

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